I have a pimple near my vagina. I do not shave my pubic hair and I have never had any type of sexual intercourse. What may be wrong?

It’s hard to know what has caused the pimple near your vagina. Since you are not sexually active, it is not due to a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Although many young women complain of pimples after shaving their pubic hair, this reasoning doesn’t apply to you either.

Possible reasons could include: irritation from your underwear rubbing against the area on your skin, or from a period pad, an ingrown hair, or a skin tag. You can try the home care below. If the pimple doesn’t go away in a week or so, make an appointment with your primary care provider to get checked.

  1. Soak in a warm tub 1-2 times a day
  2. Pat the skin (don’t rub) with a soft towel or dry with a hair dryer on the low or cool setting
  3. Do NOT squeeze or pop the pimple. This can cause infection and it will also take much longer to heal.