I feel I have quite a large stomach compared to kids at my school and it makes me uncomfortable to wear crop tops or pants that don’t cover my mid area. Especially after I eat, why is my stomach so big and hard to the touch?

Great question! It’s important to know that fluctuations in the way our body looks are completely natural. For example, after we eat, our body has to spend some time and energy to digest our food, so it is normal for your stomach to look or feel differently after meals. Certain foods take a bit more time for our bodies to break down so they may lead to more bloating than others. It’s important to remember that everyone’s body is unique and special in its own way. Our bodies adapt to different phases of our lives, which means it is normal for our bodies to gradually change. When it comes to clothing, it may be tempting to look for what other people are wearing but it’s important to find the styles that make you feel the best and most confident. If you are finding that your body is changing drastically or you are having significant stomach discomfort after meals, you may want to discuss this with your medical provider.