I am having a hard time pulling out a tampon without any pain. When I was a baby I had a condition called labial adhesions (my labia were stuck together). I am not sexually active. Could it be possible that the labial adhesions I had as a baby are effecting my ability to use tampons now?

tamponThere can be different reasons for discomfort when removing or pulling a tampon out (of the vagina). If the tampon is dry or barely wet with blood, it may be harder to remove. On the other hand if it is a super absorbent tampon, it expands when it becomes wet with blood and thus it also may be harder to remove.  You may want to try “slender” size tampons to see if they make a difference. In terms of whether the labial adhesions have anything to do with the symptoms you have, it is unlikely because labial adhesions usually resolve or go away when a young woman starts puberty and her body makes the hormone, estrogen.

If you continue to have discomfort and difficulty when removing a tampon, make an appointment with your health care provider. Sometimes there can be extra (hymeneal) tissue that gets in the way. If this is the reason, a doctor can do a minor procedure to remove the extra tissue making it easier to use tampons.