In high school, I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem and had to have it removed. How common is it for young women to have problems with their thyroid and/or have a partial or total thyroid removal?

sore throatThe thyroid (gland) makes hormones that help control growth, development, and other bodily functions, and is found in the neck. There are two different ways someone may experience problems with their thyroid; it could be either overactive (makes too much hormone) or underactive (doesn’t make enough hormone). The name for the underactive thyroid condition is called “hypothyroidism,” and the name for the condition when the body makes more thyroid hormone that it needs, is called “hyperthyroidism.” In most situations, thyroid problems can be managed with medication rather than surgery. It’s relatively uncommon for young people to need to have their thyroid removed, but it does happen occasionally. If you have any concerns about your thyroid, be sure to talk to your health care provider.