How can I get rid of the blood stains on my bed sheets?

spray cleanerThe biggest mistake people make when it comes to removing blood stains from sheets or clothing (whether it’s from a bloody nose or your menstrual period) is to use hot water. Hot water actually sets the stain while cold water removes it. You don’t have to soak the entire sheet in cold water; you can simply soak the stained section of the sheet while keeping the spot wet until you’re ready to wash the entire sheet in the washing machine.

At that time spray your favorite stain release product on the blood stain. You can make your own stain remover solution by mixing 2 tablespoons (1 ounce) of salt together with 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap or your shampoo. Add detergent and wash and rinse the sheets in COLD water. You can add bleach when washing white sheets. You may need to wash the sheets more than once in order to completely remove the stains. Don’t put the sheets in the dryer until the stain has been removed since the heat from the dryer can also set the stain. This method usually does the trick!

If you have heavy periods and you are changing your tampon or pad frequently (ex. every hour or less), call your health care provider!