Do girls stop growing in height after their first period?

A lot of girls want to know what will happen to their height as they go through puberty. The main way we know how tall you will be is to look at how tall your parents are. But many girls are taller or shorter than their parents.  The six to twelve months before your first period is a huge time of growth. This is when you might notice being hungrier than usual, and having tight hamstrings when you try to bend over. After a girl gets her first period, she may only grow 1-2 inches taller. However, if you haven’t had your period yet, the most important way to become as tall as you can, is to have a nutritious diet that consists of all of the food groups. If you have already started your period, you may still grow some more.  Importantly, keep your bones strong by having a healthy diet and exercise.  Check that you are getting the right amount of Vitamin D and Calcium.