I’ve been having a major growth spurt for almost 3 months and now I’m shooting up like a rocket! When will this end?

hipsIt sounds like you’re definitely having a growth spurt. This usually happens the year before most girls get their first menstrual period. If you haven’t had your period yet you may continue to “shoot up”. After your period comes, you’ll likely continue to grow (about 1-2 inches) in height, but in general, it won’t be as fast or as much. During puberty both girls and guys grow about 7-10 inches, but this can vary a lot and has much to do with how tall your mom and dad are. For some girls that may be when they’re 16. For others, puberty will end after that.

Use the following formula to estimate your expected height (within 4 inches):

Your father’s height -5 inches + your mother’s height ÷ by 2

Here’s an example:

Your dad is 6ft tall (72 inches). 72 inches minus 5 inches= 67 inches

Your mom is 5ft, 5″ tall (65 inches).

67 + 65 = 132 divided by 2 = 66 inches or 5ft 6 inches. This means you’re likely to be in the range of 5ft, 6 inches tall, plus or minus 4 inches (5ft 2″ to 5ft 10″).