I’m 13 and had my first period 6 months ago. It hasn’t shown up again. I haven’t had sex. What’s going on?

It is common for girls to have irregular periods  in the year or two after their first period but most girls have at least 4 periods during their first year, at least 6 periods the second year and then at least 8 or 9 periods each year. Every person’s menstrual cycle (how often their period lasts and how often they get their period) is different, and that is why it’s a good idea to track your period (Apps such as Clue, My Cycles and Eve can be used). Your period can be irregular for a lot of different reasons such as stress, exercising, gaining or losing weight, being sick, taking certain medications, or having a hormone imbalance.  Talk to your health provider about your periods and keep track of your cycles.

For more information regarding periods, see our health guide: https://youngwomenshealth.org/2010/04/21/menstrual-periods/