My mom is insisting I go see a gynecologist. She really wants me to see our ‘family’ gynecologist, but he’s male and this makes me really uncomfortable. My mom thinks it’s silly I am uncomfortable, but I don’t know what to do. Should I just accept it and go to the appointment?

Great question! It can be a little awkward to think about seeing a new doctor, whether male or female.  As a start, ask your mom why she thinks you need the appointment. Reasons might be a vaginal infection, bad cramps, contraception, or other health issue. For many complaints including routine check-ups, your primary care provider may have the training and experience to address these issues.  You may be more comfortable with a male or a female doctor, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before you make a final decision. Do they come highly recommended? Do they have good reviews? Do they have lots of experience with people your age? Do you feel comfortable?  If your primary care agrees that you need an evaluation with a gynecologist, then ask for some names of male and female gynecologists. There may be a female GYN in the same office as your mom’s doctor.  What is important is that you are comfortable with the gynecologist you see. You might want to have an interview with the new doctor first before deciding about an exam.  Recommendations are important, but so is your comfort and this goes for all health care providers male or female. Good luck!