I am going on vacation in a month but I’m supposed to get my period at the same time. Is there any way to make my period come faster or delay it so I can enjoy my vacation?

Delaying your period is sometimes possible if you are taking a birth control pill that has the same amount of hormone in all of the pills during the first 3 weeks. However, you should talk to your health care provider first. For example, if you want to postpone your period until after your vacation, you could potentially skip the reminder or “inactive” pills in the last row. They are usually a different color than the “active” pills in row 1-3. Next, open up a new pack of pills and continue to take one active pill at the same time every day. Some girls who use this method to delay their period can still have spotting or light bleeding. Remember, you will need to have an extra pill pack so you don’t run out of pills. While you can possibly delay your period, it’s best not to stop birth control pills early.