I got fingered and afterwards there was a lot of blood. I later realized there is a cut inside my vagina. It burns when I pee and I’m too scared to talk to an adult. How do I make it heal faster?

female gender symbolThank you for your question. The cut is likely due to a tear caused by your partner’s fingernail. This type of injury is common with sexual activity such as with the insertion of a finger, penis or other object and also sometimes with the removal of pubic hair. Some women who have vaginal dryness, certain skin conditions and others who are taking steroid medicine, are more prone to vaginal tears and cuts. Typically, the bleeding stops quickly, but the cut can take a few days to a week to heal completely. While it is healing, it can burn if your urine comes in contact with the cut, and the area can also be sensitive while bathing. While your vaginal cut is healing, pour warm water (not hot) over your vaginal opening while you pee to dilute the urine and drink lots of water to make your urine less acidic. These actions will decrease the burning sensation. Do not place anything in your vagina until the cut has completely healed. If you notice any unusual discharge, odor or bleeding (and you are not on your period), make an appointment with your health care provider. Sometimes a vaginal cut can lead to an infection. If this happens, you’ll need treatment such as antibiotics or vaginal medication. Just one more important bit of advice: you never ever have to participate in any kind of sexual activity that you are not comfortable with or that doesn’t feel good. “Just say NO.” If you ever feel threatened or scared, reach out to a trusted adult such as a parent, close relative or your health care provider. ​