I ate a lot of raw cookie dough, and I just found out that it can make you sick. Will I get sick? Please help!!!

Thanks for your question. Our dietitians have weighed in.

The reason that raw cookie dough can make a person sick is because most dough contains eggs and eating raw eggs can cause food poisoning due to the potential that they are contaminated with salmonella. Food poisoning can cause vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and headache. However, someone with food poisoning would have these symptoms 6-48 hours after eating the contaminated food. So, if this happened a few days ago and you’re not sick yet, you don’t need to worry. Next time remember to think twice before eating raw cookie dough – the quantity doesn’t matter, but even one bite is probably not worth the risk of getting sick from food poisoning. Cookies are safe – and taste delicious – once they have been baked according to the recipe.​