Is it important for teens to have accurate information about emergency contraception?

Girl taking a pillYes, everyone including teens should have accurate information about emergency contraception so they can make an informed decision. Unfortunately there are myths or untruths about EC; however, you can trust that the information below is accurate. Keep in mind though, that EC is a personal choice.

  • Emergency contraception (EC) is a safe treatment to help prevent pregnancy in adolescent girls and adult women who have had unprotected sex.
  • EC will NOT cause an abortion. It does not work even after ovulation.
  • Emergency contraception does not guarantee that pregnancy is prevented. The best way to prevent pregnancy is to use a regular birth control method, such as condoms or birth control pills, or to not have sexual intercourse.
  • Plan B One-Step® and Next Choice® (emergency contraception) is available to women 17 and older at pharmacies in the United States without a prescription. Ella™ is available with a prescription.
  • If you are 16 or younger, you will need a prescription for Plan B One-Step® or Ella™.
  • No matter your age, talk with your health care provider about your options and decide if you want a prescription just in case you need it.