I just tried putting in a tampon for the first time. I was able to insert it half way, but I couldn’t push it any further. Is it my hymen that is blocking it? Should I see my health care provider?

Updated 6 January 2020 under Ask Us.

It’s totally normal to have a little trouble inserting a tampon for the first time, but selecting the right time, tampon size, and position, can make the whole process a […]

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Tampones: Usando Tu Primer Tampón

Updated 21 September 2020 under Guías de la Salud.

Puedes sentirte nerviosa por usar un tampón por primera vez. Es normal sentirse nerviosa, especialmente si tienes preguntas sin responder sobre los tampones. ¿Qué son los tampones y cómo funcionan? […]

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