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Ringworm is a common infection that causes an uncomfortable rash. Although the name “ringworm” might make you think that it’s caused by a worm, this isn’t true. Read on to … read more

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confused tweenI have a sort of a cut or scab in my belly button. I put hydrogen peroxide on it almost every night. It’s healing but REALLY slowly. Before the scab formed there was “crust” in the naval. I don’t know if I should waste my time going to the doctor of it’s already on its healing stage.

If your cut or scab is from a piercing or other trauma to the area, then hydrogen peroxide can help keep the cut clean. However, if you’ve had the cut/scab … read more

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Psoriasis is a common skin condition that causes skin cells to grow too quickly and build up, leaving thick, red, silvery, or scaly patches (plaques) on the surface of the … read more

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Dandruff isn’t a serious condition and it’s not contagious, but those annoying white flakes can prevent you from wearing your favorite shirt. There are many effective and available treatments without … read more

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girl popping pimpleAcne

What is acne? Acne is a common and treatable skin condition that causes pimples or “zits” and other skin problems. About 85% of teens will have some kind of acne … read more

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