Does the pull-out method actually prevent pregnancy? My boyfriend really wants to try having sex without a condom…

Updated 21 October 2022 under Ask Us.

This is a really important question, and we want to answer it in two parts. First, let’s talk about withdrawal, or the “pull-out” method. Withdrawal is a risky method of […]

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What happens if a condom falls off inside you?

Updated 18 November 2021 under Ask Us.

Take a big deep breath and don’t panic. Your situation isn’t uncommon and there are ways to fix it, but it’s totally normal to be nervous. A great place to […]

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Currently, I have a condom stuck inside my vagina. Will my period be delayed until the condom comes out?

Updated 25 August 2020 under Ask Us.

Thank you for your question. You have a couple of options. However, one thing is for sure don’t leave the condom in your vagina. Leaving the condom behind in your […]

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