I’m 19 and it looks like milk is coming out of my breast. I’m not pregnant. What could be wrong with me?

Updated 23 April 2018 under Ask Us.

Occasionally a teen or adult woman may notice a milky-white discharge from one or both breasts. This condition is called “galactorrhea,” pronounced: gah-lack-toe-ree-ah. This may be a side effect of […]

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Why am I the first person in my class to get boobs, a bra and my PERIOD?

Updated 13 October 2017 under Ask Us.

It can feel awkward to mature faster than your friends however, not all young women begin puberty at the same age. Just like not everyone reaches their full height at […]

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My areolas are dark and have tiny bumps. Is there any way I can get rid of bumps and make the areola lighter in color?

Updated 27 June 2017 under Ask Us.

Mostly all women have little bumps on their areola and the darker colored skin around the nipple area. This is normal.  Some women have more or less bumps and this […]

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Is it okay to wear a bra to bed? I have fairly large breasts, and I feel uncomfortable when I don’t wear one. It doesn’t hurt when I wear my bra to bed but will this make my breasts sag?

Updated 26 October 2016 under Ask Us.

There is no scientific evidence that shows that wearing a bra to bed will cause your breasts to sag. Actually, doctors often recommend wearing a sports bra to bed because […]

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I’m 14, I’ve had my period for 2 years, and I still wear training bras. Is that normal? I get really embarrassed when I’m with my friends that haven’t even started their periods yet and have much bigger breasts than me!! What should I do?!

Updated 16 August 2016 under Ask Us.

Feeling different from your friends for any reason can be hard. However, your breasts are likely to continue to develop during the next couple of years. Heredity (the genes you […]

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I think I have underdeveloped nipples? Is this normal?

Updated 23 May 2016 under Ask Us.

It takes about 3-5 years for breasts (including nipples) to finish developing so depending on how old you were when they began to grow, it’s possible that your breasts (and […]

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My breasts hurt only before my period. Do they grow at this time?

Updated 21 September 2015 under Ask Us.

Many girls will notice that their breasts feel larger right around a week or so before their period is due, while others don’t seem to notice at all. This is […]

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I’m 15 years old and I don’t see any development in my breasts. Should I go to the doctor?

Updated 17 July 2015 under Ask Us.

The timing of physical changes during puberty in both boys and girls can vary quite a bit and still be normal. However, almost all girls will notice that their breasts […]

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I am happy with my breasts. There is no pain and there are no lumps that I can detect but there is milky-colored secretion from one breast. Should I check it out with a doctor?

Updated 15 June 2015 under Ask Us.

Yes, you should make an appointment with your health care provider (HCP). A discharge from your breast could mean that your breast is infected, that a breast duct is dilated […]

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Are bumps on the nipple normal? Can they be removed in any way? What if they secrete a substance sometimes?

Updated 10 April 2015 under Ask Us.

Yes, bumps around your nipple are completely normal but they shouldn’t hurt or look red or swollen. The medical name for the “bumps” around the nipple is called the “Montgomery […]

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