Quiz: How do I deal with an unsafe relationship?

girlfriend and boyfriend arguingRelationships can be loving and supportive, but sometimes they can become complicated, and even unsafe. Take this quiz to find out how to identify and address an unsafe relationship.


True or False: When you are dating someone, it is important that you spend time with your family and friends.


True or False: 1 in 10 teens experience physical violence in their relationships.


True or False: If your girlfriend/boyfriend calls to check up on you all of the time, and demands to know where you are and who you are with, it just means that she/he really likes you.


True or False: When you start dating someone new, it is a good idea to go out with a group of friends to a public place for the first time.


Scenario: Helping your friend Kate

Kate used to spend a lot of time with her friends, and was happy most of the time. Kate started seeing her new boyfriend, Steve, a few months ago. They seemed like the perfect couple, but Steve has been pressuring Kate to drink alcohol. She has stopped spending time with her friends. After school one day, you watched Steve grab Kate's arm and push her.

What should you do as Kate's friend?


After you talked to Kate, she tells you that Steve does push her sometimes. She apologizes for his behavior and says that “he didn't mean it.” What should you tell her?


Kate agrees to talk to the school nurse that afternoon about Steve because she is scared to tell her parents. What should you do?


After Kate talks to the nurse and then her parents, she decides to break up with Steve. What advice could you give her about a safety plan?