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Woman in a blue shirt is washing vegetables in the kitchen sink. Horizontal image. Close-up on handsFood Safety

If you or anyone you know has gotten sick from eating food that has gone bad or exposed to bacteria, you know that avoiding foodborne illness is an important part … read more

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yoga-poseFitness: Stretches

Stretching is a way to get your body ready for exercise and is also a way to improve flexibility at the end of your workout. Your muscles feel relaxed after … read more

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girl holding track shoesFitness: My Muscles

Fitness is fun! It’s a great way to experience health and wellness. Enjoying fitness is the key to keeping exercise a part of your life. Fun Fitness will teach you … read more

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girl lifting weightsFitness: Toning Exercises

Toning your body is a great way to get your muscles conditioned and strong. Toning exercises can help raise your metabolism (the way you burn food energy) by building muscle. … read more

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myplateServing Size and Portions

Understanding the nutritional content of a meal is important. To help determine the nutritional content of your meals, most foods, with the exception of fruits, vegetables and some prepared foods, … read more

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girl on scaleBody Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is a ratio of a person’s height and weight. It does not measure body fat, but can be an indicator of body fatness. Everyone needs some body fat, but having … read more

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purple eating disorder ribbonEating Disorders: Myths

Myth: Everyone with an eating disorder is underweight. Truth: Although most people with clinically-diagnosed anorexia are underweight, or have lost a significant amount of weight, people suffering from bulimia, binge … read more

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